Integra LTC Solutions


I was hired to join Integra’s marketing team as a consultant for their website. My responsibility was to take ownership of the site and effectively upholster and retrofit it to work with modern devices. When the site was initially built, it was setup to work with mobile devices in mind but it wasn’t executed correctly, or at all.

Google Analytics was already setup on the site but it wasn’t being used by the Marketing Department, and I used it to illustrate how important it was for the website to be fit to work on mobile devices– specifically phones– since those would be the users actively visiting the site during Integra’s annual user conference. (Mobile visitors were 1/3 of total traffic.)

Overall I worked on the day-to-day maintenance, assisted with implementing SEO strategies, legacy code was cleaned up, updated, or removed. I brought in a freelance designer collaborate with in modernizing overall appearance to help with user flow.

As a result of my time there, their website became easier to use, available, and helped set on the track of being focused on improving their SEO and expand their customer base. They have since hired a dedicated SEO expert to further improve the rankings of their website.

Project Points

  • Drupal CMS
  • Server side configuration
  • Customized PHP/JS
  • SEO implementation
  • Responsive design retrofit