Off Tempo is a record label and music documentation project I’ve ran since 2006 but officially in 2007. It started out as an outlet for me to record and release live performances free to the public that took place in houses, underground venues, and small local festivals. Then at some point in 2010 I decided that I wanted to start manufacturing records for artists (including myself).

The current form of the website is strictly acts as a record label website and as my free time has permitted, it’s been being developed into an online store and and a live music archive.

This site is built on the Ruby on Rails framework. Prospective features include:

  • Customized Soundcloud and Bandcamp player utilizing respective API’s
  • Online store featuring optional Bandcamp API integration for ordering and publishing releases on the site from Bandcamp
  • Well catalogued live audio archive
  • Improved page speed and SEO functionality


  • Ruby on Rails
  • HAML
  • SASS
  • Javascript