Kenneth M. Piekarski is a person living in sunny Seattle, Washington

They are a producer, musician, radio DJ, promoter, designer, visual artist, documentarian, recording engineer, community organizer and upstanding friend among all else. Slashed Tires is their music.

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  • Carousel Festival
  • Do It for the Girls Productions
  • Fontee Fest
  • Henry Art Gallery
  • Metalwolf Festival
  • Push it to the Limit [Festival]


  • Akron/Family
  • Angelo Spencer et les hauts Sommets
  • First-Aid Kit
  • Karl Blau
  • Ryland Bouchard
  • Britta Johnson
  • Tess Martin
  • Clyde Petersen
  • José Díaz Rohena
  • Paul Solis


Kenneth has been experimenting with producing and recording music in basements, unconventional venues, and in professional environments for six plus years, including pop & rock, acoustic performances, and soundtracking.

Below are a some select works.


Notes: Cameos & Commendations

In 2012, Kenneth was invited to be in a 4-person panel discussion hosted by SAFEamp in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with three other documentarians, discussing local music/arts documentation called, "Decentralize Cultural Media: Document yr local scene."

From 2011 to 2014 Slashed Tires was the official house band of the Henry Art Gallery

Kenneth has been an interviewee for multiple university research papers and documentary projects about all-ages "DIY" underground music culture.