Kenneth M. Piekarski resides in Seattle, Washington, contributing to their community of the Pacific Northwest. They are a promoter, radio DJ, visual artist, musician, producer, writer, illustrator, designer, developer, documentarian, archivist, audio engineer, internet magician, teacher, community organizer, DIY promoter, and upstanding friend among all else. Slashed Tires is their music.

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Recording Studio Work

Kenneth has been experimenting with producing and recording music in basements, unconventional venues, and in professional environments for six plus years, including pop & rock, acoustic performances, and soundtracking.

Kenneth operates the professional recording studio WEIRD SIGNALS, and is a freelance engineer at the Unknown— a beautiful sounding desanctified church located in Anacortes, Washington.

Kenneth's rates are reasonable. Please, e-Mail for specifics.

Web Development

For over 8 years, Kenneth has been building websites for bands, small businesses and large enterprises. While holding a degree in Computer Science, Kenneth specializes as a largely self-taught front-end developer (includes mobile dev'n) and has continued to learn new skills and problem solve along the way. They are a real treat to work with.

Please see their résumé to discover their relevancy to your internet desires.

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  • Carousel Fest - volunteer coordinator (2009 - 2010)
  • Fontee Fest II - volunteer (2009)
  • KUGS 89.3 FM - DJ (2007 - 2008)






nice meta/physical appearances of potential interest

Henry Art Gallery - HITS of Sunshine
Henry Art Gallery - The Record exhibit opening
Hank Blog (Henry Art Gallery Blog) - "Slashed Tires: An Interview."
Impose Magazine - #slashedtires
Garrett Kelly - "Kenneth is the hardest working [person] in show biz. [They're] the closest thing the city has to Andy Kaufman." (via The Stranger comment section)

In 2012, Kenneth was part of a discussion panel hosted by SAFEamp in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with three other documentarians, discussing local music/arts documentation called, "Decentralize Cultural Media: Document yr local scene."

From 2011 to 2014 Slashed Tires was the official house band of the Henry Art Gallery

Kenneth has been an interviewee for multiple university research papers and documentary projects about all-ages "DIY" music culture.